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Location Station name
N 57°09', W 002°05'tideAberdeen, Scotland
N 56°28', W 002°57'tideDundee, Scotland
N 59°33', W 001°38'tideFair Isle, Shetland Islands, Scotland
N 61°58', W 006°49'tideGamlagćtt, Faroe Islands
N 55°58', W 004°49'tideGreenock, Scotland
N 61°36', W 006°57'tideHvalba, Faroe Islands
N 57°30', W 004°15'tideInverness, Scotland
N 58°27', W 005°03'tideKinlochbervie, Scotland
N 55°59', W 003°10'tideLeith, Scotland
N 55°59', W 003°10'tideLeith, Scotland (2)
N 55°59', W 003°11'tideLeith, Scotland (3)
N 60°09', W 001°08'tideLerwick, Shetland Islands, Scotland
N 60°09', W 001°08'tideLerwick, Shetland Islands, Scotland (2)
N 55°45', W 004°54'tideMillport, Scotland
N 57°36', W 003°59'tideMoray Firth (sheet pile wall), Scotland
N 56°25', W 005°29'tideOban, Scotland
N 60°25', W 000°45'tideOut Skerries, Shetland Islands, Scotland
N 62°07', W 007°10'tideOyragjógv, Faroe Islands
N 55°38', W 006°11'tidePort Ellen, Islay, Western Scotland
N 56°01', W 003°27'tideRosyth, Scotland
N 58°37', W 003°33'tideScrabster, Scotland
N 62°04', W 007°20'tideSřrvágur, Faroe Islands
N 62°04', W 007°20'tideSřrvágur, Faroe Islands
N 58°12', W 006°23'tideStornoway, Isle of Lewis, Scotland
N 62°07', W 006°45'tideStrendur, Faroe Islands
N 60°27', W 001°21'tideSullom Voe, Shetland Islands, Scotland
N 56°37', W 006°04'tideTobermory, Island of Mull, Scotland
N 62°01', W 006°47'tideTórshavn, Faroe Islands
N 57°54', W 005°10'tideUllapool, Scotland
N 57°54', W 005°09'tideUllapool, Scotland (2)
N 61°28', W 006°48'tideVágur, Faroe Islands
N 58°26', W 003°05'tideWick, Scotland