Terms of Use


Terms of Use

All site content is copyrighted material, © 2005-2014 Mobile Geographics LLC. Except as provided specifically on a few individual pages, or as provided for in general under fair use doctrine, no portion of this website may be copied, retransmitted, republished, or reused in any manner. This specifically prohibits the practice sometimes called "web scraping". For permission to use portions of the website, contact us. A facility to provide ship maps to client websites is available; please inquire.

Most of the information presented comes via a single, fallible pipeline with no redundancy. Data stream is processed automatically, without any human oversight, automatic quality control, or "sanity checking". This website does not meet the standards to be expected of a mission-critical meteorological or navigation resource. You are permitted to use this site only for entertainment. Accuracy and timeliness of information are specifically not guaranteed.

Use of this website for purposes of navigation is prohibited.

"Deep linking" to any full page on this site is most welcome. You might want to do this to link to a particular part of the world, or to show the position of a single ship. Deep linking to individual images is prohibited.